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*~*~Welcome the Best Dollz And Graphicz Website*~*~

Hello! Welcome to Dollz Mania! In our website (created by Jayme and Larissa) we will have dollz, cute graphics, free graphics that don't have to link back, and more. Please sign our Guestmap so we know what you think of our site! We will add more daily/weekly whenever we have time. Look at the bottom of the page for updates. If you have a question, comment, idea, or anything E-mail Jayme_n_Larissa_DollzMania@hotmail.com. E-mail Sweetshort90@aol.com for special made dollz only.We will only create special dollz for a limited time.

We don't get much/any mail since we just created this site 11/22/01. Alot of new sites create special asked dolls for people then have to quite because of the demand. So I (Larissa) will do it for a limited time. Only e-mail sweetshort90@aol.com for dollz you want especially made for you. I will put your e-mail address letters or your name in the dollz name so no one can say it is not yours. Please check out our About us pages.

Please do not take the doll and say it is yours or not link back. There is one page were you can get dollz from without linking back for you. If I find people taking without linking back I will have no choice but to change the dollz name so it will not show up.

Please tell your friends about us. IF you want to know how to link us click the Contact page. It will have our main e-mail address to reach both of us and my (Larissa) e-mail address. Well I better not keep you from checking the dollz and graphics BYE!

Jayme & Larissa's current mood is... The current mood of jayme_n_larissa_dollzmania@hotmail.com at www.imood.com

*~*~*Site Updates*~*~*

*~*~*6-12-02*~*~* I have finally updated the site! Sorry that it has been so long it just has been hard since I just got AOL back and I barely aloud to go on but now I am since it's Summer! Im outa school!! Yippie! Oh ok now to get to what im adding. Im going to find a new doll maker site because my main one has deleted their old site and made a new one I guess. I will add some images like that say things well hard to explain you will see! Im going to change some stuff since I learned more HTML. Im going to make a F.A.Q. (Frenquently Asked Questions) page today and some other stuff if I have time! Well g2g (got to go) Adious! Bye!
*~*~*12-14-01*~*~*I have fixed this box so that it doesn't say the BR thingys. It was so annonying! I was so dumb! There is a box when I edit this page that is checked were it makes the BR thingys pop up in line breaks! DUH! I can't believe I didn't remember/see that! Well that shows how smart I am! hehe lol ! Well, to get to what else I did today I added more blondes. They haven't had boxes yet but just maybe I will add boxes! I can't promise because I might not and I hate just hate breaking promises! Well, I will also be making more Dollz today also! So send that e-mail to Jayme_n_larissa_DollzMania@hotmail.com please. Seya! I might update this telling what else I did that I have in mind of doing. But you will have to check back later today to know! ;) (Now I have a way of having you come back hehehehe) Seya! Adious!UPDATE: I almost forgot, it is time for a *NEW* Doll of the week! Oh and I am going to tell you part of the surprise! I am going to change this box to be colorful and different if the code works! BYE!
UPDATE: I have changed this box since I have explored and learned how to plus I have added more Dollz so check the website out! Oh and I can put HTML in this one its so COOL Bye!*~*~*Sassy*~*~* (Larissa is my real name but my friends on neopets call me Sassy for short Sassycutiegrl4nate11 So if you see *~*~*Sassy*~*~* It is me!)
Today I have put more Dollz on the brunettes. I put the new ones on a different brunettes page so click all three to find the one with the new Dollz! I have put a copy and paste box for the dividers that I made and the brunettes. I have also added more MISC. Dollz and they have copy and paste boxes too! Yippie! I will be adding a code to the banner now and use that for now untill I make a smaller one for ya! Sorry that I didnt stick to my word about making the codes and changing stuff like I said I was going to do yesterday. I just had to go before I could remember to do that and to do it! hehehe! Oh and don't forget to send me e-mails by going to the Contact Us page. If you want tell us what color of hair, eyes, clothes and extras you want me to put on a doll and I will make one for you! Yes its true I will! :) I like and do make Dollz! Oh and I will (well I dont wanna say for sure since I didnt keep my word yesterday ;) ) add the blonde Dollz I made the other day. I also got the idea to make a remembrance Doll for the terrible 9-11-01 terriorist attacks! It will be in the blondes section if I decided to add some more Dollz. Oh and Jayme (the other owner) hasn't helped much or not really any except the page all about her so if you see new stuff it might be from her since I asked her to add or change anything on the site today. Well better stop jibber-jabbering and get to work! Oh and I have no homework today!! :) *says Yes outloud and says whos the girl whos the girl* lol hehehehehehe *~*~*Sassy*~*~*
Today I updated the Doll of the Week. Sorry that I haven't did it for more then a week. My computer was down for part of a day and I had to go by the time AOL (america onine) was fixed. And I go to Jay's for the weekend but before AOL got messed up I made about 10 Dollz. And a divider. So check the Dollz section for more Dollz very soon in like 1 hour. Because I will add them after I get my homework done. The Dollz and copy and paste code to them including the divider. So hold your horses and get read to go and see more Dollz. (yea I know that was a stupid one hehehehe) (*v*)
I added 1 doll to the MISC Dollz. Sorry that there isn't more. I also made a Banner for me and Jaymes site. I also might add tomorrow 3 more blonde and brunette Dollz that I made but didn't put up. I still need to pu the code up for the MISC Doll though. Oh and soon I will add a copy and paste box to the banner so you can tell people about OUR* site by using the Banner! Maybe just maybe one day I will let you use the Banner instead of linking back. But not yet you still need to link the Doll back so no e-mails saying you said we didn't have to link back because you do! Bye for now *~*~*Sassy*~*~* (that is my signiture for me my name is Larissa)~
Well, even though I have updated the site alot since it was just created I did not write it here. But I will from now on. The site has a NEW "Doll of the Week." I am working on some new Dollz so plan on seeing them alot. I am going to update the Larissa is feeling mood thingy today. Oh, I wanted to tell everyone that the day before yesterday my mom told me that I was going to be getting a surprise tomorrow. Well, it turned out to be a Bunk bed. IT is so cool. Well, that is about all for today. Oh I added yesterday boxes were you copy the code out of so you can put it on your Neopets guild/shop etc. I didn't know how to do that before. Even though it said to copy the code out of the box. Of course people couldn't since it wasn't there. But now it is. Well, better get to work. Seya! Don't forget to send e-mail to Jayme_n_larissa_DollzMania@hotmail.com so that we know what you think of our site and tell us if you want to become sister sites, friends, or tell us about other KEWL sites you know about or kust about anything you want to tell us! Bye! Oh and we are going to soon have a message board with a topic of the week and stuff! Well, now for sure I need to go! ADIOUS B Y E ~*~Sassy~*~ (that is going to be my signiture. If you see that anywere you know the message is from me not Jayme or anyone bye!) Site Created: The whole website has been updated Duh! It was just created! Hehehe. 11/22/01

*~*~*Doll of the Week*~*~*

The doll above is the doll we picked for doll of the week. It is really high on the page but it is still above.

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This is the code to out newest Banner. You must put this were you put Dollz or anything from Dollz Mania. It is very small so it won't be a anoyance. Just copy and past all the text in the box to your website, Shop, Guild etc! // OUR

The smaller banner will help me to still get people to my site but doesnt look big and dumb LoL=laughng out loud

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